Stay safe this holiday season

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The holiday season is here! It’s a time of festive decorations, lights and tasty treats. However, there are more than a few hazards this time of the year that can spoil all the fun. Here’s what you’ll want to watch out for to keep your family safe and sound over the holidays:

Holiday decorations.  Falls from ladders while hanging lights and putting up decorations are on the rise. Exercise caution on ladders whether you’re inside or outside; they are a common source of holiday emergency room visits!

Candles. November and December are big months for candles, especially the scented variety. But candles are a common source of home fires. Here are some great tips for keeping your family safe around candles. And don’t forget that battery-operated candles have come a long way, looking and even smelling like the real deal.

Christmas trees. Many families prefer a real tree in their home. But if the tree dries out, it can become a real fire hazard. Make sure to keep live trees well-watered and keep them away from heat sources. For more tips for avoiding a tree fire, go to this link.

While we’re on the subject of safety, don’t forget to get a furnace check-up, replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and consider installing carbon monoxide detectors!

Want to know more about holiday safety? Go to this link.

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