What is General Liability insurance?

General Liability insurance protects your business against lawsuits and claims for bodily injury or property damage caused during the course of business.

How can I reduce my business insurance premium?

Many factors are used to determine your insurance premium. Below are some factors that you can control to help reduce your prices:

  1. Choose higher deductibles.
  2. Keep all your business insurance policies with the same company.
  3. Install and maintain a burglar and fire alarm for your business.
  4. Install and maintain a sprinkler system.
  5. Be careful when filing a claim (be sure to consult with your agent if you aren’t sure you want to file a claim).
When can I cancel my existing policy?

You can cancel your existing policy when you have received confirmation that a replacement policy has been bound (is in-force).

Can I change my EFT Date?

This varies from company to company. Most insurance companies will allow you to move your EFT date to an earlier date, but will not allow you to extend it to a later date. Be sure to call your company or agent for your particular policy.

What happens at the end of my policy term?

Most insurance policies automatically renew for a similar term at the end of a preceding term (6 month policies renew for 6 more months, 12 month policies renew for 12 more months).

What date are my monthly insurance payments due?

Most insurance payments are due at one month intervals starting from the exact date that your policy was issued.

Why is the bill different if I choose an electronic withdrawal versus being billed directly?

Most insurance companies offer a discount for choosing the electronic withdrawal method, due to the reduced cost of processing paperwork.

Do you pull a credit report when looking for insurance quotes?

For business insurance, companies do not generally pull credit reports while quoting or issuing insurance.

Do you guarantee repairs done to my vehicle from an accident?

Nearly all of our companies provide a lifetime guarantee on parts and workmanship on repairs from a covered accident.

Do you recommend any repair facilities for my car?

Many insurance companies have partnered with certain repair facilities. They have been chosen because they meet or exceed certain quality standards that are important to ensure your satisfaction. Please ask your agent or your adjuster for a recommended facility.

Does it cost more to work with a broker?

In most states, brokers are not allowed to charge any additional fees. This means that the rate the insurance company filed with the state is the price you pay.

What types of business insurance do I need?

Different businesses need different types of insurance protection.  Below is a short list of different business insurance policies:

  1. General Liability Insurance.
  2. Business Owners Policy.
  3. Workers Compensation Insurance.
  4. Professional Liability (Errors and Omission or E&O).
  5. Directors and Officers (D&O).
  6. Business Property Insurance.
  7. Inland Marine.
  8. Commercial Auto Insurance.
  9. Commercial Umbrella.
  10. Bond.
  11. Difference in Conditions.

Our agents are available to help you navigate the myriad of products that your business might need.  If you have more questions, be sure to call us today.

What is business auto insurance?

Business auto insurance is similar to your personal auto insurance.  The policy provides coverage for physical damage to the business vehicles as well as liability protection.  Business auto insurance provides increased liability limits and often additional types of business protection that are not available on a personal auto insurance policy, such as cargo coverage or hired/non-owned vehicle coverage

Business auto insurance is also known by many other names including:

  1. Commercial auto insurance
  2. Truck or truckers insurance
  3. Business auto insurance
Why do I need business auto insurance rather than personal auto insurance?

Many personal insurance policies do not provide protection if being used for work.

Many personal insurance policies do not provide the limits required by many contracts.

Most personal insurance policies will not cover vehicles not rated for personal use such as:

  1. Trucks rated over 1-ton
  2. Dump trucks
  3. 18 wheelers
  4. Vehicles with modified a chassis or frame