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Welcome to the Erwin Agency blog!  I am starting this blog on the advice of some intelligent social media gurus with the intention to use this as a forum to communicate to the general public, friends, family and (most importantly) my clients. I’ll be posting insurance related information, news, happenings, and discussions on a level that’s easy for everyone to understand!

For this first blog I would like to introduce myself and my agency. My name is Brad Erwin. I live in Littleton Colorado with my amazing wife and beautiful 5 year old daughter. My dad Rick and I run our insurance office together in Arvada, Colorado.   After I pursuing a few business ventures in the construction trades, in 2007 Rick asked me to join the agency he had spent over 10 years building.  This partnership created the Erwin Insurance Agency as it exists today.

We are an independent agency, meaning we represent several top-rated insurance companies, rather than just one company.  This multi-company representation allows us to truly say we work for our clients not the insurance companies. Being independent lets us work with each individual client on a one-on-one basis to provide them with the right coverage for their situation and for the right price for their budget.

So now that you have been introduced to the Erwin Insurance agency, I hope you will continue to follow our upcoming blog posts.  We’ll be posting at least once a month about insurance related information. Feel free to comment, ask questions, or make a new post on this blog. Our goal is for this to be a great source of information; to get answers to your insurance questions from an experienced agency.

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  • Sam Howat

    Welcome to the blogging word Mr Erwin. Glad to see you are using it to communicate with your community and customers.

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