I Just Got in a Car Accident, Now What?

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Car crashed in snow bankWhen you are in an accident, it can be confusing. Knowing your next steps is difficult.  Being prepared in an accident situation is the key to making it through successfully and with as little drama as possible.

Though you can’t prepare for every aspect of an accident, being aware in advance of the proper steps to take will greatly improve your ability to think on your feet if you are ever in an accident.

Here is a breakdown of the first steps you should take after being in a car accident.

Make Safety Your First Priority

If you are in a minor accident where no one is seriously injured, then the first thing you should do is be considerate of the other cars on the road.  If at all possible you should work together with others on the road to move the involved vehicles to the side.

If you or another person is injured, you should call 911 so emergency services can come and make sure you are all safe.

Exchange Insurance Information

To make sure that everything runs smoothly after the accident, you should exchange insurance information with the others involved in the accident.  This will ensure that the accident is covered and everyone and their property is taken care of.

Document the Accident and File a Report

To take full advantage of your insurance coverage, you should try to document the accident a thoroughly as possible.  This means taking pictures of damage and making a full record of the accident’s effects.

Once it is documented, you need to file a report with your insurance agency.  Do this as quickly as possible so there won’t be any delays.

Understand Your Coverage

Lastly, you have to understand your insurance coverage.  This is something you can do before an accident occurs.  Study up on your coverage so you know what is available to you in case of an accident.

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