Where Oh Where Would I Start A Small Business?

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Let’s just say … that you might want to consider WHERE to start a new small business before opening your doors.

According to The Hartford not all states are created equally when it comes to doing business. Some states tend to be more advantageous than others for budding entrepreneurs.

As The Economist has written, “America’s states and cities have traditionally tried to attract businesses by offering them tax breaks and other cash incentives. Yet there may be a more effective way, and one which puts no strain on stretched budgets: make life simpler.”

It would sure take a lot of time to research each state let alone all of the cities in which you could start a business. You are in luck! Some of the research has been done for you. Consider the rankings of the “best” or “top” states for business from Forbes and CNBC, as well as the Thumbtack Small Business Friendliness Survey, which in 2017 included data from over 13,000 U.S. small business owners who rated their states across 11 categories.


There are plenty of reasons to settle your small business in Texas. Forbes ranked Texas #1 overall for economic climate. The Lone Star State also has excellent infrastructure to support budding businesses — most notably, its prosperous cities like Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio. Texas was one of eight states that received an A+ overall in the Thumbtack Small Business Friendliness Survey.


The Beehive State is a prime spot to launch a small business. Like Texas, it’s also in a strong position economically, and offers added benefits like low business costs and an extremely small business-friendly environment. And, as Forbes noted, “companies benefit from energy costs that are 16% below the national average, according to Moody’s Analytics.” The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has recognized Utah for its tech-ready workforce, STEM job growth, and startups seeded — all of which combine to make Utah a great home for small businesses.


If it’s southern hospitality you’re seeking, then the Peach State definitely should be on your list. CNBC’s survey rated Georgia #2 in the nation overall as a top state for business, with high marks for the quality of the state’s economy (#1), workforce (#3), and infrastructure (#4). Among Forbes‘ best states for business, Georgia ranked among the top 10 for labor supply, regulatory environment, and economic climate. Specific to small business, Georgia earned an A for overall friendliness in the Thumbtack survey, with an A+ grade for its tax code.


The Centennial State has become a thriving center of Rocky Mountain high economic growth in recent years, receiving an A grade from Thumbtack for its overall small business friendliness. Thumbtack also gave Colorado A grades for ease of starting a business, health and safety regulations, and quality of government websites. Forbes rated Colorado as #1 in the nation for labor supply, #3 for economic climate, and #4 for growth prospects. Colorado scored highest on the CNBC rankings for workforce (#4) and technology and innovation (#7).


If you’re looking for a business-friendly environment in which to launch your business, perhaps Virginia is the place for you: In the Forbes survey, Virginia ranks second overall “for its regulatory climate because of its strong incentive offerings and business-friendly government policies.” Along with its other virtues, the Mother of Presidents (eight U.S. presidents were born there) also offers an appealing consistency. In the Thumbtack survey, Virginia has never earned less than an A- for its overall small business friendliness.

As a small business owner, you’re busy. We get that. We hope some of this research will help you spend your time where it counts: managing and growing your business.

Have a great day!


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