The Difference Between Success and Failure

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Being that I help companies insure themselves, I sometimes see that not all businesses make it. So what is the difference between those companies that fail and those that make it and sometimes, make it big?

I took a minute to jot down a few things that help most business owners be successful. In turn, this helps their companies be successful.

Success Traits

Successful business owners are dreamers.

  • They often create something out of nothing.
  • They can see their business in their mind’s eye before it is a reality.
  • They have complete faith and believe in the vision of what the business can become.

They see and seek opportunity.

  • Today’s most popular and demanding products and services started out unlikely or as a bizarre thought
  • They are willing to think outside the box.
  • They see potential where other’s do not.

Execution is key.

  • Lots of people have ideas, but taking an idea to market is a completely difference ballgame.
  • The ability to execute is what makes a dreamer a doer.

Patience is a virtue.

  • Successful entrepreneurs know how to prioritize and achieve things in small steps.
  • Engagement is usually incremental.

They don’t go at it alone.

  • They ask for help.
  • Even smart people need a sounding board.
  • They seek out and often hire those with complementing skills.

They are far from perfect.

  • In fact, most success stories are laden with many many many failure stories.
  • They learn quickly what works and what doesn’t so as to not make those mistakes again.

Failure is part of the success.

  • Fear of failure stops many people but a successful entrepreneurs understands the risk of losing it all
  • They don’t let risks hold them back from their dreams.

Build teams of successful people.

  • The ability to hire well and fire when needed is a crucial skill to a successful team.
  • They seek the best talent so they don’t have to do everything.

Let go.

  • Successful business people let go. They don’t try to do everything or be everything to everyone.
  • They let others do their job.

Have a great day!


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