Have You Been Hacked?

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According to a Property Casualty 360 report, 62% of all small and medium sized companies  have been  hit by a data breach. Even if you take all the precautions, you are still at risk. If you are doing any of these things, you’re definitely at risk of being hacked.

  1. You have higher than average employee turnover.
    Some industries have a natural high turnover – like retail food chains or seasonal business. Most likely this is due to lower than aver pay or less than fabulous working conditions. When employees leave, sometimes they take data with them, usually inadvertently. Do your best to limit turnover.
  2. You have remove and/or mobile staff.
    When employees are moving around with your data, it is more easily lost or stolen. Perhaps they are connecting to an unsecure wifi network while working on your information. Have your IT staff secure your staff’s connections and ensure they know that their connections are being monitored.
  3. You have no IT Support.
    Therein might be the problem. Paying someone to evaluate your risks, install software, monitor activity and keep things up to date is not only critical but an essential business cost. It will be more costly to you in the long run to not have and IT person at all.
  4. You do not buy security software.
    There are many great security applications like McAfee, Norton, Malwarebytes or Bitdefender. There are many others too. These software application are inexpensive and run quietly in the background checking for malware, viruses, infected websites and other tricks used by today’s hackers. Ensure your software in in place and always up to date.
  5. Your employees do not get trained.
    Most security problems are from employee-related errors – clicking on bad websites, opening infected files, etc. Ensuring your team knows what might be bogus is critical for doing business online.
  6. You have no procedures for securing data.
    If you are handling customer info, health or financial data, keeping data secure is a must. You need policies and procedures documented and trained in order to safeguard client data. Ensure your staff is complying.
  7. Your computers and operating systems are old.
    You want to ensure your computers are all running the most recent versions of Windows or iOS all the time. The reason they issue updates is to patch vulnerabilities hacker have used to wreak havoc in networks. Update, update, update.
  8. You have no BYOD policy.
    If your employees are allowed to “bring your own device” to work, this can create security issues if they are not monitored. Many companies use a remote management software to install company apps on their employees devices for secure access.
  9. Password changes are not enforced.
    Most people use pretty complacent passwords like 1234. You must require a more complicated password for employees to enter your network. It should be a combination of letters, number and symbols. It also should be changed often.

You can start by doing these 9 things but you should also check in on insurance to protect your firm in the event of a data breach. Our job is to keep you protected.

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