Career Opportunities

Job Title:

Computer Systems Analyst


Job Description:

Analyze, test, maintain, and monitor VOIP systems, as well as video conferencing and streaming for 200 users in 3 states.

Develop, document, revise, design procedures, test procedures, and quality standards for VOIP systems.

Expand and modify existing network, software and communication systems to improve workflow and efficiencies.

Assist staff and users to solve computer-related problems, such as malfunctions and software problems particularly with company user applications

Coordinate, problem-solve and maintain network and company databases including working with routers, switches and NAS – network-attached storage – computer system, so information can be shared.

Determine computer software or hardware needed to alter current network, database and VOIP/video systems.

Analyze database needs and plan/improve computer systems, including company dashboard, with business intelligence software Microsoft Power BI and SQL database management system.

Prepare cost-benefit and return-on-investment analyses to aid in decisions on system implementation using business intelligence software

Read technical reports to develop and revise programs that meet staff and user requirements.

Recommend new equipment/software as needed.



This position requires:

  • Associate’s Degree in IT, Computer Science or related degree (foreign equiv OK)
  • two years of experience as a Computer System Administrator working with database management, networks, and VOIP/video streaming, as well as working knowledge of the business intelligence software application Microsoft Power BI.


Please mail CV to: Affordable American Insurance, Inc. Attn: Chris Fernandez, 2090 E 104th Ave Thornton CO 80233.