What Happened In St Joseph MO?

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What happened on April 3, 1882 in St Joseph Missouri?

An unarmed Jessie James was shot in the back of the head by Robert Ford, one of his own gang, ending the life and career of the legendary outlaw. The James gang had been chased by US marshals, Pinkerton detectives, and local authorities for well over a decade. They were brazen bank robbers and, wrote one historian, “refined the art of train robbery.” During their long spree, the gang claimed to honor a strict code, never robbing “a friend, a preacher, a Southerner or a widow.” In March 1882 James invited Ford and his brother to live in his St. Joseph home. Unbeknownst to James, Ford had met with Missouri governor Thomas Crittenden the previous January and agreed to kill James in exchange for a full pardon and the $10,000 reward. The plan succeeded.

credit to What Happened Here American History Vol II Knowledge Cards, Alan Bisbort

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