What Happened In Jefferson Georgia?

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What happened on March 30, 1842 in Jefferson Georgia?

Crawford W Long, a twenty-six-year-old physician, performed the world’s first surgery with anesthetic when he administered ether gas to James Venable before removing a cyst from his nick. Long, a bachelor who attended parties where ether was used “recreationally,” noticed that revelers under the influence of ether often injured themselves without feeling pain. He reasoned that the same effect could be obtained at his office. Long did not publish any reports of his operations until 1849. Thus, William Morton – a Boston dentist who had experimented with administering ether for tooth extractions – was often mistakenly given credit for the discovery. Morton publicly demonstrated anesthesia at Massachusetts General Hospital on October 16, 1846, when Dr. John Collins Warren operated on a patient after permitting Morton to administer ether. Long’s office is now the site of a museum dedicated to medical anesthesiology.

credit to What Happened Here American History Vol II Knowledge Cards, Alan Bisbort

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