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“I had a claim and my agent didn’t help.”

This is a complaint that I hear from new insurance shoppers pretty often. It’s unfortunate but it happens. Insurance agents are less involved in the claims process than they once were. Companies have added efficiency that means there are specialists taking the claim information, explaining the process and scheduling the adjuster. Because of this I think many insurance agents feel that this is not part of their job, they leave the whole process to the adjuster. If it goes wrong, they only find out when a person calls to cancel their insurance because they weren’t happy.

It’s unfortunate because agents can still help a great deal. We do it all the time. Since we do this every day, we know what to expect and therefore, we know when something isn’t quite right. Insurance companies hire humans (still and for the foreseeable future until robots are able to take over) and humans can make mistakes, miss a call, forget to enter some piece of information, etc.

Here’s an email I received from a recent claim experience where our client needed some help:

Hi Dave,

I wanted to let you know I received the checks for my claims today.   Amanda was fantastic in helping to get this expedited efficiently.   I want to thank you for your time in helping to get this straightened out.  I hope to get a new vehicle within the week.   I’ll be in touch!

 Thanks and have a good week!”


If you aren’t getting the service you need, it may be the agent. Agents can help, if they want to, if you ask them and if they know what they are doing.

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