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Here is a letter from one of our clients who took the time to utilize our expertise. Likely this saved him thousands in a claim that was covered.



I wanted to mention that I just posted a reply/review on Nextdoor for my neighborhood Georgetown Square.  At our HOA meeting our insurance agent with [our carrier] spoke.  If you will recall in November we had a Loss Assessment and some of our homeowners had a difficult time with claims.  Our insurance representative listed several insurance companies we should shy away from going forward (Liberty Mutual, Allstate, Safeco, Progressive, Nationwide, Geico, Hartford, and AAA) because they have a $1,000 limit clause.  I posted my review (I have put a copy of that review below) of you because I had no problems with my claim and am extremely pleased with the service you and Safeco have provided.  I hope my review will give you some business because we need honest people like yourself to work for us to help protect us and our properties.


Copy of my reply to my neighbors –

“I received the meeting notes yesterday and would like to comment on the information given by the Guest Speaker.  She gave a list of insurance companies to be cautious of related to Loss Assessment.  I have Safeco and was able to complete my claim with 2 e-mails.  I had no issues at all.  I think the primary difference is I use an agent.  I would highly recommend Brukhouse Insurance if you have insurance concerns or needs.  David will sit with you and hear your needs so that he can quote several different options with several different companies.  I had previously been with American Family by the Kum and Go and was told I had Loss Assessment but after switching over to Brukhouse I found that American Family had sold me inadequate Loss Assessment.  It really does pay to find a trusted agent who works with a range of companies AND understands insurance who will make sure your needs are met.  I am extremely happy with Safeco through Brukhouse – In the last 6 months our home has had a loss assessment claim, an auto claim, and had to use roadside assist and in all cases they were fast, efficient, and professional.  Check out their website and consider a consultation.  I always tell people it is best to buy a plunger before you need a plunger.  The same concept applies to insurance.”

Thank you for all you and your staff do –



Well, I may not completely agree with comparing insurance to a plunger but I think it makes a great point. Make sure you have the right coverage today, don’t wait till after you have a loss when it is too late to change.

I often tell my clients that it is not so much that there are good and bad companies as there are good and bad policies. If you have a bad policy with the wrong limits, the claims adjuster has to honor the contract. By the same token, when the policy is written appropriately they will pay the claim that you expect to have paid. Most companies have standard coverages included. If you need more than the standard coverage, an agent should catch that for you and help you make the best decision for your insurance needs.

The biggest takeaway here is that you should not trust the name of the company on the letterhead, you need to know the policy language itself.

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