Must Ask Insurance Shopping Question #1

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“How will you help me determine the amount of coverage I need?”

One of the most common statements I receive with new clients is that they want to see an “apples to apples” comparison with their current policy. While I understand that this request is based in their desire to see which company’s rates are most favorable, there is a fundamental flaw in the request.

If the current apple has a worm in it, do you really want me to duplicate the worm?

As your agent, my primary job is to provide the coverage you need, none that you don’t and to find the company with the best rate for you. So if your current plan is not suited to you, either lacking coverage or containing coverage you don’t need, it’s my job to tell you.

I have guidelines that I use to determine recommended coverages. These are based on current insurance laws, liability settlements and other factors. I’m happy to share those guidelines with my clients to help them make an educated decision. And my best customers appreciate knowing that they have the right insurance.

One of the most common statements I receive after a new client sees the insurance plan I put together is “Wow, I didn’t think I could get all that and save money too.”

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