The Agent Matters

“I had a claim and my agent didn’t help.” This is a complaint that I hear from new insurance shoppers pretty often. It’s unfortunate but it happens. Insurance agents are [...]

Fireline Issues?

I can’t insure my home! If you own a home in a hilly or more forested area you may already have run into a new insurance underwriting tool being used called the Fireline Score. To learn more [...]

Why Should I Care

If my insurance company makes money? I hear it often if not every day “Insurance companies are all about making money, they take your premiums and then deny your claims.” The second part of this [...]


Yes, that is a worm in that apple, keep reading. This is probably not a word you associate with insurance. The 800 numbers, websites and shady agents have really done a number on our industry’s [...]

Home Inventory

Do I need an inventory of all my possessions? I get this question a lot, most of the time when I insure a client’s home for the first time, this question comes up. The answer is most likely Yes. [...]

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