Young Insurance Agents Could Help You Reach a Younger Audience

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Experienced insurance agents are extremely valuable to any insurance agency. But to break into that younger portion of the insurance market, you might need staff that younger clients can relate to.

3 Strategies to Recruit Young Insurance Agents

Bringing younger insurance agents on board is a great way to reach a market that doesn’t consider insurance a priority —yet— while you prepare the great agents of tomorrow. Finding young insurance agents can be tricky, but with the right strategies, you can recruit and retain young insurance agents.

Look in the Right Places

If a younger crowd is what you’re after, you might not hear of them through an experienced agent’s recommendation. You need to look in other places. Use social media to post job openings. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great for that. Contact universities nearby to communicate your interest in students enrolled in Risk Management Programs. You could even offer to give a seminar on what’s being an independent insurance agent all about. Offering internships is also a great way to recruit good candidates.

3 Strategies to Recruit Young Insurance Agents

Help Them Grow with the Right Tools

Of course, young agents won’t be as experienced, but they will be very eager to learn. This is your chance to mold them and help them become the kind of independent insurance agent they can be. Provide them with a solid sales training, whether you do that in-house or enroll them in a sales course. Give them some books that can help them develop their skills. Embrace social media as a marketing tool. They will be comfortable using it for sales purposes.

Assign Someone to Mentor Them

Mentoring young agents is essential to their success. Whether you have one person designated to mentoring a group of agents or you have them team up in pairs with other more experienced agents, make sure they have somebody to learn from. Preferably someone that is driven, who can awaken that same quality in the new agents. If your young agents are not mentored, they will most likely end up leaving.


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