Year-Round Boat Insurance: Is It Really Necessary?

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Many people would love to boat all year long, but unfortunately, most climates don’t allow that.  During the cold winter months, boats are stored away in garages, docks, and backyards.

A lot of people try to save some bucks by cancelling their boat insurance during that inactive time – and sadly enough, too many pay dearly because of it.

If you are thinking about canceling your insurance when you aren’t actively boating, maybe you should think again.  But the decision is up to you!  Just consider these points first.

Getting Covered

Like every other type of insurance, there are lots of options when it comes to boat insurance, including:

  • Liability—covering costs if you cause damage to someone else
  • Comprehensive—also covers damages like vandalism, flooding, and fires
  • Collision—for damages caused when you crash into someone or something
  • Fishing—allows you to cover the equipment you keep on your boat
  • Uninsured boater—protects you if an uninsured boater hits you and causes damages

Make sure you choose the best option for you, and be smart by insuring your boat (and equipment) all year round.  This is why:

Off-Season Damages

For the off-season, insurance can go a long way in protecting you and your boat.  Storms, floods, fires, theft, vandalism, and other damages can easily happen to your boat when it is being stored.  In fact, approximately one-fifth of all claims are filed during the off-season.

Don’t risk your valuable investment and summertime fun by trying to cut corners.  Rather than cancelling your insurance, consider adding safety features to your boat, taking a boating class, or simply extending your lay-up period for discounts.  These are great ways to save money on insurance without losing coverage.

For more information on how our boat insurance can protect you both on and off the water, check out our website here!


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