New Year = No More Goodies

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Tips for Taking Down the Lights

Christmas and New Years has passed so it is time to take down the tree and the lights.  Before you climb up onto your roof here is a few things you should remember.

  1. Make sure your ladder has all of the screws and blots attached to the right places.  This will reduce the likelihood that your ladder will collapse, leaving you hanging.
  2. Don’t yank out your Christmas light’s cord. Yanking the cord will damage it increases the chance of a fire the next year.
  3. Always be careful when there is ice around.

If you have not taken down your Christmas Tree, check out this youtube video There are easier ways to get rid of your Christmas Tree than making it into a rocket. Most cities and counties have a designated drop off location for your Christmas Tree.  If you are a Colorado resident visit Recycle Your Christmas Tree to find the nearest drop off location.

Review Your Insurance

There is no better time than the New Year look over your home or auto insurance policy.  There are probably some discounts lurking around the corner that you may not have received.  Our agents are great at spotting discounts. Saving our clients’ money and finding great coverage is what our agents do best. If you are ready, call any one of our local independent Affordable American Insurance agents and they will guide you to a policy that will be a great fit.

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