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Tips for Colorado entrepreneurs

It’s the classic story everyone loves to tell about the successful startup that began in your mom’s basement. When you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, and getting your business up and running, working from home may be your only option. But, if you had the choice, what would be the best way to work: home or office?

If you had the choice, what would be best Home or Office?

The great thing about today’s workplace is that it can be anywhere. People work from home, the park, the office, a local coffee shop, or wherever there’s a great view, fresh air, lots of coffee and access to good WiFi. Alternative office spaces can create a lot of freedom in the workplace, but having your team spread out all over the place can also create disharmony and lack of organization and communication.

Tips to succeeding as an entrepreneur in Colorado by AAI

The cafe or coffee shop has been a long time favorite for entrepreneurs who can’t afford an office space.

Having one office where everyone can meet and share ideas, discuss the process, find solutions to problems is often an expense that many startups just can’t afford. Rent is expensive in many of the big cities where startups thrive. But even if you can afford the rent, there’s the cost of furniture, utilities, and extra insurance.

If you can afford to get some office space, there are many benefits:

  • Professional space to impress clients
  • Professional space to meet and woo new investors
  • Having a business address
  • Keeping your home and work life separate
  • Shared space to meet with your team

Brand new businesses and entrepreneurs may want to test the waters and their business idea for a while before investing in office space. Making space for your company in your home may be your only option, in the beginning. But, even though you save on rent, utilities, and transportation to and from the office, there are some downfalls to working from home.

Tips to succeeding as an entrepreneur in Colorado

As long as you can focus on your daily tasks of growing your business, you can work from anywhere.

There are many distractions when you are working from home:

  • Kids, pets, partners are always distracting you and needing your attention
  • Daily household chores
  • People coming to the door – deliveries, neighbors, etc.
  • No separation of work and home life
  • Communication issues with your team that could be avoided face to face

But, if you’re strong enough to dismiss all distractions, ignoring the laundry, mess, dishes, and the cuteness of pets vying for your attention, then working from home also give you the benefit of being completely comfortable in your environment, allowing you to focus 100% on your business.

Tips for entrepreneurs in Colorado

With AAI, you may be independent, but you are never alone.

At AAI, we want to give every Colorado entrepreneur the tools to succeed. Join us, and get an instant network of like-minded individuals that can help you make the best decisions for your startup.

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