Start your winter off right and crash your car!

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Did I just say ‘overconfident’ is a bad thing? YES!  Sometimes being confident can give a false sense of security.  This confidence can make us drive faster than road conditions allow and increase the risk we put on ourselves and our passengers.  Experience is the only way we become better drivers.

Even for the most experienced drivers, one thing remains constant: Ice it is always slippery.  It doesn’t matter if you have the newest super duty truck with a big tires and 4-wheel drive.  Stopping requires all four wheels to grip whether or not they have power going to them.  Rather than power, traction is key to stopping.  Without good tires you’ll just keep sliding.  If you are speeding along with bad tires you need even more distance to stop so be prepared.

Speaking of preparation, there are many things you should do to be prepared for winter driving.   Be smart and check the weather frequently because you don’t want to be 35 miles away when a blizzard comes in.  Buy new wiper blades each year for the winter months. You will be happier while driving if you can see clearly.  Last but maybe not least, what do you have in your car? Here’s a list of a few items you would be wise to keep in your trunk:

  • Cell phone
  • Candle and a lighter or something to light it
  • Blanket
  • Beverages (no alcohol)
  • Snacks (Cheezits are always good or some Oreos but they might not last too long if you get hungry when it is nice out)
  • Signal devices (flares, flags, mirrors stuff that will be seen in a snow storm if you get stuck)
  • If you get stranded stay in your car, it will provide a warmer shelter.  Your car will be easier to find than if you just start to walk on foot.

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