Will Adding a Driver to my Policy Affect My Insurance?

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Auto insurance is required across the United States, and getting a great policy is important to protecting your assets in the event of an emergency.  But even though we all know car insurance is important, do you know how your policy will be affected if you add another driver?

There are many events that can result in a new driver; from a marriage to your teenager’s 16th birthday.  Understanding how their addition to your policy affects your costs will help you make the best decision!

Here are a few of the most important things you should know as you add new drivers to your insurance policy.

The Basics

Your car insurance policy is important to protecting your assets and your liability.  If your car is being used by someone besides yourself, it is important to have them covered to ensure that you are protected in any event.

And although adding additional drivers will generally affect your car insurance policy, the effects are different depending on who you add, their situation, and their relation to you.

Understanding the differences between different additional drivers will help you understand the costs as you consider adding a new driver to your insurance policy.  Here are a few of the most common additional drivers and their effects on your insurance policies.

Adding a Roommate

This is probably the most often forgotten additional driver in the insurance world.  And while you don’t have to add your roommate to your insurance policy, if they are a licensed driver and use your vehicle, it is a good idea to have them on your policy.

This will ensure that you are protected in case of an accident while they are at the wheel, and that your insurance policy stays intact.

If you list them as an occasional driver of your car, you will be protected in the event of a roadway incident.  If they are not listed on your policy and they are involved in an accident, things can get much more complicated, leading to a denied claim, or even loss of coverage.

Adding a Spouse

teen-driverAdding your spouse to your auto insurance policy is probably the most straightforward additional driver process.  In fact, some coverage will automatically be transferred to your spouse.

However, you should ensure they have sufficient coverage under your policy by talking to your insurer and adding your spouse officially.

Adding a Teenaged Child

Because teens are inexperienced drivers, they tend to add the largest dollar amount to your existing auto insurance bill.  This is also the case because teen judgment is not as refined as their adult counterparts.

Driving safety courses and great grades, however, can help keep costs down.  Remember that insuring your teen is an important investment, even if it seems like a big investment.

Adding a driver to your auto insurance policy will certainly affect your coverage, however the positive affect on your protection is much more important.  For more information on auto insurance coverage, contact Affordable American Insurance today!

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