Why You Need to Pay Attention to Social Media Trends

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Social media is one of the most influential forms of digital marketing available. Because of the Internet changes at an incredible pace, social media platforms need to be quick to adapt if they want to stay relevant. This means making changes to the types of content displayed and which marketing techniques remain viable. Learn more about why ignoring social media trends is one of the worst things a new entrepreneur can do.

Social Media Trends Widen Your Audience

There are two kinds of trends you need to follow if you want to develop your business online: trending topics and marketing trends. Trending topics are what people are discussing publicly on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Making a relevant post that includes these key terms and making it public can help you show up in more people’s feeds. While this is a key part of marketing, you also need to pay attention to:

  • Marketing policy changes
  • Advertising rates and methods
  • Social media search engine algorithm changes
  • Analytic tools and availability
  • Additional resources that may be available

What Changes You Need to Pay Attention to

Algorithm and policy changes will affect entrepreneurs the most. Algorithm changes in social media can affect traffic almost much like Google or Yahoo. While search engine use on Facebook and other social media platforms isn’t the preferred searching method of casual users, SEO on social media is becoming more and more relevant.

One of the best tips for entrepreneurs is to simply keep up with social media marketing trends and make adjustments as you go. The last thing you want is your beautiful Instagram photos or Facebook page to be buried under the competition!

Get More Social Media Tips for Independent Insurance Agents

Understanding social media as an independent insurance agent can be difficult. At Affordable American Insurance, we want you to be able to unlock the power of social media marketing. Contact us to learn more.

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