Why You Don’t Need to Hire an Assistant

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Time is money, don’t waste it by hiring an assistant

You may think that the true mark of success is hiring an assistant to take care of all that boring administrative work. We’re not saying it isn’t nice to be able to pass off the menial tasks to a subordinate, but when you’re just starting out in the business world, you may want to spend your money and your time on something other than hiring an assistant.

Hiring an assistant too soon can end up costing you more time and more money. By hiring an assistant, you’re just replacing the time you spend on admin work meeting with your assistant to go over the admin work you need them to do. Daily meetings with a personal assistant to coordinate your day, week or month can take up a lot of your time, and you need that time to develop your brand and grow your business.

If you hire an assistant, you hire them because they have certain organizational and technology skills that you think can help you schedule your meetings and answer your phone. But, most assistants don’t come with an insider knowledge about your industry and will have a hard time, at least in the beginning, judging which call takes priority, which meeting can get bumped and which person is VIP. Unless you have perfect mind-meld with your assistant, you may be spending more time trying to train your new assistant than if you handled your calendar, and you scheduled your meetings.

Since you are the one going to events, making calls, booking clients and finding new investors, it just makes more sense for you to handle your calendar. A personal assistant is nothing but a middleman, and you don’t need them.

Tips for entrepreneurs and independent agents in Colorado

Save time, save money, skip the middleman and be the boss of your own scheduling.

If you have the right office tools, and you’re utilizing the cloud to gather all your necessary information in one virtual office space, then you don’t need to hire an assistant. Modern technology has replaced the old school secretaries. No more Peggy Olson, we’re all Don Draper now.

As entrepreneurs the success of your business lies with you, the fewer people you have around you that can guzzle your time and slow you down, the faster you can build and grow your business on your terms.

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