Why We Don’t Allow Agents to Work From Home

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Selling insurance is a personal business. You have to ask personal questions, and your clients have to trust you with their lives, their homes, their business, their most treasured possessions. It may seem that inviting clients to your home office is a way to extend them the same sense of trust, but a home-office can often work against you. This is why we insist that the agents in our network work from an office outside of the home.

The biggest reason for working from an office is that you have a space that is 100% business. As an agency owner, especially in the startup phase, you need to be entirely focused on business and business alone. And once you start having to meet with clients, being in a professional setting can help your credibility. Your credibility is everything when it comes to acquiring and retaining a client.

Finding office space for your independent insurance agency in Colorado

Find out where your target audience likes to go, and then look for office space in that neighborhood.

You only get one chance to make a first impression

Don’t risk turning off a client by the distractions of working from home. If you are on a call, or worse, sitting face to face with a client, you don’t want to have to keep getting up to deal with a kid who wants your attention or a knock on the door. Even if you promptly dismiss the disruption, your client has already gotten the impression that you are too distracted to take care of their insurance needs.

You need a team of producers to help your agency grows

You may have space for your office at your home, but do you have space for a couple of producers? If you don’t, you end up with a team that is scattered all over the place. With everyone working from home, communication and teamwork will suffer. A client or investor will also be more impressed by a professional office space because they feel like they are getting more than just one agent in their corner, they have a whole team, and there is strength in numbers.

Important steps to starting an agency in Colorado

An agency run from an office space will be taken more seriously by investors and clients than working from home.

Your office should be where your customers hang out

An office space will also put you in the right place for more foot traffic, and visibility. When people drive or walk their dogs down residential streets, they’re not thinking “I wonder if there’s a great insurance agency in one of these houses”. But, when you are driving through a business district, shopping area, etc. your client are more inclined to do a spontaneous walk-in because they may already be out running errands. You don’t want to limit your chances of reaching a client, and that means making yourself accessible and putting yourself in an area where your target audience frequents.

Save money by leasing space from a larger agency

An office space doesn’t have to be a significant expense, but it is worth adding the costs of office space to your budget. You can start by renting an office, or a desk, in a bigger office instead of taking on the costs of hiring an entire office space. As you grow, you can always expand, but in the beginning, a small corner with a few desks is all you need to get your agency up and running.

Tips for entrepreneurs in Colorado

With AAI, you may be independent, but you are never alone.

We want to support and guide anyone looking to start an independent insurance agency in Colorado. Start your agency off on the right foot with AAI and gain from the knowledge and experience of many successful independent agents.

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