Why We Became Independent Insurance Agents

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In 2004, Tony and Lissa Fernandez finally cut their ties with the captive insurance agency and founded Affordable American Insurance (AAI). The goal was simple: provide affordable coverage for everyone, regardless of social or economic status. Since it’s inception, AAI has grown tremendously, expanding from Colorado to Arizona to Utah. However, insurance is more than just expansion and sales; it’s about providing a service to the people.

Become an independent agency owner

As independent agents, we were finally able to put our clients’ needs first.

Our members are led by some of the most knowledgeable, friendly, passionate insurance experts in Colorado, each of whom has a personal reason for becoming an independent agent and joining AAI. If you’re looking for a reason to become an independent agency owner, listen to why our executive team decided to change careers and start an independent insurance agency.

From captive agent to independent agent

“Insurance agents have a huge responsibility. How we present insurance products and offer available coverage can change someone’s life.” Tony Fernandez, President

Our President, Tony Fernandez, and Vice President, Lissa Fernandez, both have a long career in the captive insurance industry. However, the limitations of the captive world became too frustrating. Too many times, desperate clients would be turned away. In an industry that was about protecting and helping people, the captive world was too focused on profits and sales. So, in 2004, Tony and Lissa made the transition from captive agents to independent agents, finally being able to realize their passion for helping people.

“I am a matchmaker; there is a perfect policy that matches our client’s lifestyle. Finding it can sometimes be difficult, but I am always ready for a challenge.” Lissa Fernandez, Vice President

From part-time to full-time insurance agent

Reasons for starting an independent agency in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

We are all passionate about helping people and finding the best insurance for each client.

Barrett Bartels, VP and Agency Owner, started as a part-time insurance agent and quickly found that he had a passion for helping people get insurance coverage. Being an independent agent afforded him the opportunity to be there for people in hard times, fueling his passion for insurance.

Insurance provides security for the people

You don’t have to have a history in the insurance industry to become a successful independent insurance agent. Our VP of Corporate Revenues, James Switzer, served as a U.S. Navy Officer in cryptology and intelligence for 25 years before joining AAI. Going from the Navy to insurance doesn’t immediately seem like a natural transition, but serving our country is about protecting and securing our citizens and nation. Providing insurance is also a way to secure and protect our clients.

Become an independent insurance agent

Every one of our members has a personal story for becoming an independent agency owner, but we all have one thing in common: we want to help people. As independent agents, we no longer have to turn clients away because our captive companies do not have a fitting product. As independent agents, we can put the clients first.

Find out more about joining AAI and opening an independent insurance agency in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah.

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