Why Buy Insurance?

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Why Buy Insurance?

We all know that some insurance is necessary.  Like auto insurance, for example, that is required by law before one can legally drive.  But why buy other forms of insurance?  What is there a purpose or use?  And with premium costs, are they even worth their benefit in the end?  For most people the answer to their worth is yes, yes insurance policies are worth the cost of premiums.

This they have determined because of the value of protecting a person’s assets from damage, loss or unavailability.  Insurance works by promising to cover the intrinsic value of a possession should that item or possession become incapacitated in any way.  This coverage comes at a cost called premiums that are paid out by the policyholder to an insurance company who in return provides the coverage of an item.  Specifics of an insurance policy, such as premium costs and included coverage, are worked out usually on an independent basis with preexisting plans for potential subscribers to choose from.  Let’s look at homeowners insurance for an example.

Most homeowners insurance plans provide coverage if the subscribers home is damaged in a storm.  Because the subscriber has successfully paid premiums in full and on time, the insurance company foots the bill for any repairs needed to the home or costs of damaged items within the home.  Coverage of individual items within the home and coverage of repairs to the home will be provided so long as they are explicitly implied in the insurance policy to begin with.  This is where finding the right plan with the right amount of coverage to a home begins to play a factor with those who are looking to buy an insurance policy.

People need to make sure that what they want covered or paid for in the event of damage is stated to be covered within the policy before purchasing that policy.  Once this is accomplished the policyholder can take ease in knowing that his or her possessions and assets will be financially backed up and covered in the event of an accident or disaster.

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