Why Attitude and Character Still Matter

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Everyone likes to think that they have mental toughness and that toughness will see them through the most difficult periods. But if you’re leading a team it’s that much more important that you can manage your attitude. As some have pointed out, attitudes are contagious, and much like the flu, which by no accident of fate is called influenza (based on the word influence) poor attitudes can drain the energy and vitality out of you organization if not managed correctly. So what signals should you not be sending out to your crew?

The Locus of Control

Is your attitude worth catching?

This issue, by and large will be one of the most important points to focus in on. Team leaders that emphasize the role of luck, or dwell on adverse circumstances are setting the locus of their power, agency, and control outside of them. When employees catch on to that they begin to do the same. While there is no sense in trying to control what you cannot control, there is also no point in standing still and allowing those circumstances to overwhelm you. While many circumstances lie beyond your control, your capacity to adapt will be a signal to your employees that you are still the one choreographing the dance. Likewise, mental toughness means having the fortitude of character not to give others the power to weaken their position or override their confidence.

Never stop moving forward

Strong character also means not feeling sorry for yourself. Leaders that take responsibility for their actions and the outcomes of events teach those around them to do the same. Circumstances may not always work in your favor. You may at points feel like you’re walking uphill with the wind in your face, but each failure is a chance to improve.

For entrepreneurs and team leaders, it’s equally important that they temper expectations. Folks that expect immediate results are generally setting themselves up for disappointment. Respecting the journey, and keeping your team focused on one goal at a time is the key to making your venture’s success inevitable.  Those that have been successful won’t ever be seen sitting around lamenting the factors they cannot control, but figuring out ways to turn them to their advantage.

Looking for help with your endeavor?

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