Why An Independent Insurance Agency Is Right For You

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Do you know what you’ll do next time you are faced with an unexpected emergency? Maybe someone hit your car in a parking lot and drove off without leaving a note, or maybe your washing machine broke and flooded your apartment. If you have a traditional insurance company—you’ll call your agent, cross your fingers, and hope your policy will cover your needs. But this isn’t your only option.

An independent insurance agency can offer you access to many different companies and many different solutions. Keep reading to find out how an independent insurance agency can help you through your next crisis.


Hopefully emergencies are rare occurrences in your life—but an insurance agent deals with emergencies every single day. This means they have practice and expertise that you would never hope to have yourself.

You might forget to check for hidden damage—but they won’t. You might not know which body shops provide reliable service—but your insurance agent will have years of experience with mechanics and they can point you in the right direction. Independent insurance agents have the same resources and expertise that you’d find at a traditional insurance company, but you get more personalized service, which brings us to the next benefit–personalization.


Emergencies are stressful and nerve-racking—talking to a stranger over the phone doesn’t always make the experience easier. An independent insurance agency gives you the benefit of a small-business atmosphere. You can work with real people, who live in your community, drive on the same streets, and shop at the same stores. Instead of talking to a stranger who lives in another state, you can get one-on-one help from a member of your community.


independant-insurance-agencyAs mentioned earlier, independent insurance agents have access to many different insurance companies. Instead of getting stuck with the default policy, your insurance agent can shop around and find the perfect solution to your specific situation.

An independent insurance agency can offer you professional expertise, personalized service, and customized options.  Don’t settle for a cookie cutter policy—hire an advocate who will make your next insurance claim stress-free.

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