Where Should Your Business Be Online?

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advanced training on proven marketing strategiesSocial media marketing can be overwhelming for any business. Insurance agents may have some difficulty getting a following on social media if they don’t understand how each site works. They also need to understand the best forms of content marketing for insurance agents. For example, while pictures are an excellent way to capture people’s attention, photo-sharing networks are one of the hardest places for agents to advertise. Before you start spending your marketing budget, explore some of the most popular platforms in depth. Exploring these platforms will help you discover where to focus your campaign.


Know Your Audience

You may not have to read about each network if you really know your target audience. When researching your audience, you likely looked up demographics. Search social media statistics based on age and gender to help gain some insight into where your fans are at online. If this isn’t helpful or you don’t have a niche market yet, continue reading.


Facebook is the largest social media network in the United States. When you start making business profiles, Facebook should always be the priority. More people search using Facebook than ever before, making it very easy to expand your reach to a general audience.


Twitter allows users to connect with one another in a very interesting way. While users can subscribe to one another’s tweets, all messages can be seen by the public. This means that anyone can join in on the conversation. While Facebook is usually better for advertising, Twitter can be an easy way to make a direct connection with new followers.


LinkedIn is a must for any business owner. Not only is it excellent for networking, it helps show the world that you are a leader in the industry. If you aren’t on LinkedIn yet, build a personal profile today and list your business in the job history. Anyone who searches for you will be able to plainly see what you do for a living.

Get Started with Social Media

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