When Should I Put on My Winter Tires?

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The weather may be nice now, but winter is on its way! The treacherous conditions it will bring make it necessary to prepare with winter tires.  If you live in an area that has snow and ice during the winter, it is important to begin thinking about winter tires.

Because winter weather can come without warning, now is the time to start weatherizing your vehicle.

Understanding Winter Tires

Many people believe that their normal tires are good enough during the winter months, but switching to winter tires can make the cold season much simpler and safer.

Snow tires are specially formulated to help your vehicle drive more safely in tough winter conditions.  These tires will improve your car’s:

  • This means that your car will have more grip and be less likely to slide on icy roads.
  • In icy conditions it can be difficult to stop especially when you must break quickly, but snow tires can hlp you to stop safely.
  • Snow tires will also give you the control you need to handle your vehicle more safely in icy conditions.

Remember that while all-season tires are created to work well in every weather condition, they are not optimized for winter weather.  This means that in slushy, wet, and icy conditions all-weather tires are ineffective.  Snow tires are made specifically to keep you safe in winter conditions and they are the best option for the winter months.

For more information on snow tires and staying safe on the roads this winter, contact Affordable American Insurance today or read some of our other blogs posts on tips for winter driving!

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