What You Need to Know Before Switching to a New Office

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Need a New Office Space? These Tips Can Help You Make the Best Decision

Growth is what every business owner envisions for their business. When you start your independent insurance agency, you might start small, but over time you’ll see things flourish, and as business gets better and better, you might eventually need to consider moving to a new office with more space. When you get to the point where your current office no longer meets your needs, you’ll want to consider some critical things before you decide to move to a new location.

Think Ahead

How much time did it take you to outgrow your current location? Are you planning on expanding further? These are things you need to think about before choosing a new office. You’ll want to go for something that satisfies the needs of your business not just today, but at least, another five years from now. You don’t want to have to move offices every year.

Stick to What Works for You

Even in office design, there are always trends. Of course, you want to have a nice office that makes your team and your clients feel comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you have to go with what’s cool at the time. One year it’s all about open offices, the next year will be something else. Analyze your needs and make a decision based on what is best for your business.
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Look for Spaces That Fulfill a Variety of Needs

You won’t just need a space for your team to sit and work, and a nice office for yourself. Privacy is also significant. Your office is where you’ll be meeting with clients, making important phone calls, having meetings —sometimes more than one, simultaneously. Look for an office that has access to private spaces for you to use as needed. Also, make sure you have extra space, that allows you to expand without having to change offices again.

Be Proactive

If you think your time in your current office will be coming to an end sooner than later, start planning your move. Don’t wait until it gets crowded or somehow becomes inadequate, and it’s a pressing issue. Once you reach that point, you’ll start hurting your team’s morale and productivity. Being one step ahead always helps.


When you join AAI and put the work in, you’ll see your independent insurance agency take off quickly, so keep these tips handy. You might need them sooner than you think.

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