What You Need to Know about Workers Comp

 In Business Insurance

Whatever business you are in, an accident can happen at any time.  Workers compensation insurance was created to protect your company’s assets from these accidents.

Before you purchase your own workers compensation insurance policy, it is important to have a full understanding of workers comp.  Here are the most important things you need to know about workers compensation.

Compensating Employees

One of the basic components of every workers compensation policy is compensation for employees who are injured on the job.  Specifically, it covers injury, disability, and death.

This coverage will protect your employees in the event of accidents, injury, or disease on the job.  But your workers compensation policy won’t just cover your employees.

Covering Your Liability

Perhaps the most important part of a workers compensation policy is the liability coverage it provides to business owners.

If an accident happens in your work place, you can be held liable for the damages.  Without a workers compensation insurance policy, you would be responsible for the cost of care and loss of services, certain third party claims, and consequential injuries.

With workers compensation, however, your insurance policy would cover your liability.

Making the Workplace Safe

workers-compensationAs an employer, it is your responsibility to keep your workers safe, but even in the most structured of environments, accidents can still happen.  With workers compensation insurance, you can continue to provide your employees with the safe environment they need while protecting your own assets as well.

Finding a workers compensation policy that fits the needs of your company can be difficult, but with Affordable American Insurance, you are well on your way.

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