What You Need to Get to Build Your Personal Brand

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Personal branding is an important part of being an entrepreneur. While you have to establish your agency as a local brand, people also want to know who they are working with. Even if your independent insurance agency is your only business venture, you should take these steps to reinforce your professional image.

Hiring the right team for your business

Take a few professional pictures outside of your office to help grow your personal brand and highlight your current business venture!

Marketing Yourself as a Business

You will recognize a lot of these steps from when you established your independent insurance agency. A lot of the steps are the same, except these references can be a little more passive once set up. For example, if you are focused on insurance sales, you probably don’t need a personal blog; updating a basic website every few months may be all you need.

Here are the things you need to build your personal brand:

Business Cards

Your business cards should have your name on them, not just your company information. Have business cards for everyone who works in your office. If you want a portable advertisement for your agency, try investing in colorful postcards in addition to your personalized business card.

Facebook Page

While your agency likely has a Facebook page, you will need to establish one just for your name. Potential clients researching your brand may be searching your name, rather than your agency. Having an established page, even if it isn’t regularly updated, can help give them confidence.

Personal Social Media Accounts

Your best clients may want to connect with you directly as well as “like” or “follow” your company. Build a personal Twitter and Facebook account that you only use for professional contacts. If you are interested in being an active part of the Pinterest, Instagram, or Snapchat communities, build business-professional profiles for these networks as well. You’ll be surprised how many people want to connect with you!

Discussing community involvement is a great way to brand yourself as someone who cares about the city they live in. For example, Affordable American Insurance supports several charity events throughout the year, such as the Food for Hope marathon at Fallfest 2017.

Personal Website

Your business blog is one of the most valuable tools you have. Building your personal brand on your blog gives you another outlet to discuss your services. You can casually mention your workplace while offering industry insight on your blog. If you don’t want to update a second blog, having a professional website could be all you need to satisfy the wants of clients researching your name.

Tips for Building a Personal Brand

Building your personal brand is easy when you have the right support. Contact Affordable American Insurance to learn more great marketing tips for independent insurance agents.

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