What to do After a Flood

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A flood can strike at any time and if you aren’t ready then you may find yourself in a whole heap of trouble. Getting the right insurance is key. Before you go off and get any willy-nilly insurance, make sure that you understand some of these things.

Your risk

If you are living next to the Mississippi and you know that flooding is something


that happens almost religiously, then you may actually find that flood insurance is mandatory. If you live in Utah around the mountains, you may find that it isn’t mandatory but with all of the runoff and problems with ground water, you may still want to have flood insurance.

Our limits

Understand what you can get from your insurance. The limits for The National Insurance Program is that they will cover up to $250,000 for the house alone and then another 100,000 for anything inside it. This may not be enough for you so getting extra coverage from private companies is another route you can take.


While this may seem like a good idea, relying on the government is not stable after a flood. Many people found this out after Hurricane Katrina. This is something that people have to take more seriously. People need to understand that FEMA is more like a loan than anything else

Overall these are some ways to keep you from falling into traps that many others have fallen over the past few decades. Make sure that you plan ahead with the right insurance in the end.


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