What Sets the Most Successful Entrepreneurs Apart? Part 1

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Traits of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is an adventure. You must be willing to learn and adjust as you grow to make the most out of your experience and maximize your chances at success.

Have you ever asked yourself what sets the most successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest? If you sit back and pay attention to those who are in the spotlight because of their success, you can identify most of them with some attractive traits that make a difference.

They Take Time to Listen

When you think of successful entrepreneurs, the image that might come to mind is someone that doesn’t care what others say and goes after what they want. Although this is in part true, it might come as a surprise that one trick to their success is their willingness and ability to listen. Take Steve Jobs, for example. He was very controlling and might have been tough to work for, but behind the scenes, he relied on a team of experts that helped him make good decisions. Listening makes room for growth.

They Are Eager to Learn New Things

You get to places by asking questions. Those who thrive on knowledge and are curious are usually able to achieve more. Curiosity propels you forward. No one ever got anywhere by thinking they had all the answers.

Businessman holding a lightbulbThey Are Go-Getters

Successful entrepreneurs are passionate people. They figured out what they were passionate about and turned it into something to achieve. Pursuing the things you are passionate about will make it much easier to invest time, and patiently watch it grow every day.

They Are Not Afraid of Failure

Failure is just a part of success. It should be embraced, not feared, or rejected. Just by trying something, you’re putting yourself at risk of two things: failure or success, but one can lead to the other and teach valuable lessons that can help you grow. Successful entrepreneurs understand this. Can you imagine if Steve Jobs had given up when the board first outed him as the CEO of Apple? He took that time to work on great things and ended up returning, and we know how the rest of that story goes.


Many more traits star in the stories of great entrepreneurs. Stay tuned to the next blog, to learn more of their ideas, so you can keep them in your arsenal to run your own business.

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