What Makes a Good Online Video?

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Videos are an essential marketing tool that instantly commands attention. In a digital marketing campaign, videos can make a social media post more engaging. They are also a great way to deliver information to your target audience, allowing you to use visual aids to help make your point clearer.

While there are several benefits to using videos on social media, many independent insurance agents struggle with creating unique videos. It’s tempting to just make a commercial, but your followers are going to want a little more sustenance. Use this guide to get a few video ideas for your insurance agency that can help you with your business development goals.

Using Facebook to reach your core audience

Include Real People

Anyone can talk and describe the images being shown to the audience. However, social media is all about making a real human connection. Showing a few company faces can help people associate you more with your business. It also makes them more apt to listen and take action.

Be the Teacher

If you want to discuss a topic and have plenty of graphics, try filming in front of a white writing board. You can quickly add a presentation to the screen after you film. If you don’t have a lot of experience with post-production editing, you can simply write things on the board behind you to call attention to them. This is great for how-to and informative videos.

Behind-the-Scenes Action

One way to engage your audience is to show them footage of your business development efforts. For example, give your followers a tour of your new office, talk about the award you just won, or take them to your latest charity event. Let your followers get to know you as a company, rather than always trying to sell them something.

Great Marketing Ideas

At Affordable American Insurance, we work hard to make sure our independent agents know the latest digital marketing techniques and trends. Contact us to learn more unique ways to grow your business.

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