What Insurance Carriers Want From Independent Agents

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Getting a head start as an independent Agent

You can have your finger on the pulse of the insurance industry, connect with all the right influencers, and have a solid business plan, but if you can’t get access to insurance carriers, your independent agency is going to run smack into a brick wall. There are many steps to a successful agency, but the most important are access to the product you want to sell: insurance!

How to succeed as an independent agent

Insurance carriers will want to see a proven business plan before allowing you to sell their product.

Making your agency attractive to insurance carriers

At Affordable American Insurance, one of the areas that we help our members with is setting up their agency so that they are attractive to insurance carriers and can get access so that they can better serve their clients. Insurance carriers are looking for a long-term and (of course) profitable relationship. However, without an appointment, it’s hard to convince them of your value.

EXPERIENCE IN THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY – As a captive agent, you have experience, but as an independent agent, you are green on the market, making it hard to get an appointment with a carrier. Most carriers will want to see a proven track record. A solid business model isn’t always enough to convince a carrier to let you sell their product; you have to be able to show that your business model works. Yes, it’s a catch-22. You need a product to sell to prove your business model is profitable, but carriers won’t give you access to the products until you have proven your worth. Don’t get discouraged; this is exactly the roundabout that AAI can help you escape so that you can stop moving in circles and start driving your agency forward full steam ahead.

How to succeed as an independent insurance agent

Increasing your carrier representation will allow you to represent each client and their individual insurance needs.

ACCESS TO TARGET CLIENTELE – Our members are required to have an office space. The location of your insurance agency will help make you more attractive to insurance carriers. Your business plan will show that you understand the clients that you need to reach; making sure you have an office in a location that gives you access to that clientele will signal to insurance carriers that you understand how to market your product and reach the right people. We are moving more and more toward technology when it comes to sales and marketing, but you never want to eliminate walk-in business by having an office in an obscure, hidden location away from the public.

JOIN AN ESTABLISHED INDEPENDENT INSURANCE NETWORK – Affordable American Insurance is an established insurance network in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. By joining our network, our reputation is your reputation, and you’ll gain instant access to multiple carriers without restrictions, allowing you to hit the ground running and start selling the best products from the beginning. Besides access to A-Rated carriers, we also continue to train and support our members, giving them the tools and the skills to run and grow a successful business.

Join a network of independent insurance agents

For more information on starting an independent agency and gaining access to multiple A-Rated insurance carriers, contact AAI!

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