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Has your kid ever asked you, “What do you do at work?” Sometimes it is hard to explain.  My father always told me he fixed computer that were the size of refrigerators.  I always thought that was pretty cool.  Here at Affordable American Insurance I get the same opportunity…

What does Affordable American Insurance really do?

Well, we offer insurance products but more importantly we take away your risk.  This might be a little confusing so a story may be more suitable for this situation.  You are minding your own business and a big bad wolf/microburst blows off your roof.  Luckily you have insurance and your home is covered.  Your insurance company will take care of when your home is being prepared.

Why do people buy from Affordable American Insurance?

Our clients buy insurance from us because we don’t work for the insurance company; we work for our clients. We are a lot like the Travelocity of the insurance industry.  We have local Colorado offices where you can meet with our agents face to face.  If you are happy with your insurance, then we can rest assured that if something bad happens, you will have the protection that you need when you need it.  We will be here for you.

Why don’t our clients leave and go somewhere else?

To answer this question, it is really simple… they don’t have to.   Affordable American Insurance offers insurance from many insurance companies.  Some of the companies we represent include: Travelers, Safeco, The Hartford, Progressive, and more.  If your rate does go up, call your local independent Colorado insurance agent and we will shop your policy again.

Affordable American Insurance has 40 office locations to choose from across Colorado so finding an agent close to you is easy.  If you have just moved to Colorado and are looking to switch your agent, stop by one of our offices. https://affordableamericaninsurance.com/find-an-agent/

We are your risk advisers.  If you ever have any questions about your policy or your kid just got his driver’s license and you want to know how it will affect your insurance, give us a call.

More Companies. More Options. More Savings.

Affordable American Insurance

Joshua Smith
Affordable American Insurance
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