What are the Most Common Causes of House Fires?

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A residential fire can be one of the most devastating disasters incurred in a family’s home.  Even a small kitchen fire can cause extensive damage to personal property not only through scorching from flames but through the acidic toxins and properties found in smoke and soot.  To be able to prevent any such fire from causing damage to a home an individual must first know where in the home potential fire dangers are the most common.

According to a study and subsequent report issued by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, and the U.S. Fire Administration, the leading causes of accidental residential house fires was the malfunction, improper use of or unattended cooking equipment.  Of the average 366,700 accidental house fires per year recorded during the three-year study, fires in the kitchen due to the cooking process accounted for an average of forty percent of the residential fires.  Kitchen fires were also responsible for causing the most injuries sustained by individuals who were injured during a house fire averaging around 3,450 injured persons per year.

Over the three years of residential fires studied by the CPSC and USFA, there was an average of 2,320 deaths per year caused by house fires.  While kitchen fires were found to be the most prevalent, fires ignited by a home’s heating or cooling equipment, to include portable space heaters, was the most deadly type of residential fire.  On average over the three years studied around 210 persons a year perished from fires ignited by heating or cooling equipment.

Put together the most common and deadly forms of ignition in a home can be found in cooking and heating or cooling equipment.  These tools within a home should, therefore, be strictly guarded and maintained in order to avoid a destructive house fire.

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