Cold Feet “Nah” That’s not Covered

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It was the greatest event of the century, nothing could go wrong.  We had planned for every possible outcome except for what happened that day, which changed my life forever.  It was the eve of June 7th so it was the 6th if I am doing my math right.  It was this eventful day that I would be wedded to the love of my life.

Good thing I invited my friends from work to the wedding, because everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  How did my friends from work help out?  Did they run to get another cake?  Did they have another tuxedo in just my size?  Sadly, no, they’re not that good of friends.  What they did was suggested I get wedding insurance, just as a precaution.  At first I thought it would just be another wedding-waste of money.  As it turns out, it wasn’t very expensive so I went ahead and took their advice.

When that magical day of bliss arrived it turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  It was more like a slow day of pain.  It all started when the cake got delivered on-time to the wrong address.  It got worse when my white tuxedo shirt came covered in black grease.  To top it all off, the photographer dropped their camera five minutes into the ceremony and completely destroyed all the early pictures.  It is a good thing I like to be early for most events and actually arrived almost two hours before I was supposed to be there.  I was not late to my own wedding and after all that she still said yes!

Let’s get down to business, what is wedding insurance?  Wedding insurance protects a couple’s investment from things that are outside of their control.  Why would someone want it well maybe my story above was a little farfetched but an unforeseen disaster like a wedding gown store closing, shutting its doors for good before all alterations were done could happen.  Your baggage was lost in transit with your custom made tuxedo and you need to get a new one in less than 24 hours.  Wedding insurance can help.

If you are thinking of proposing or you’re already in the process of your wedding plans, think about wedding insurance.  It is best to purchase wedding insurance as soon as you can.

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When it comes down to a change of heart or cold feet, wedding insurance doesn’t cover that.  Even though wedding insurance is usually pretty affordable the heart is a terrible thing to lose.

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Affordable American Insurance is a local Colorado independent insurance agency.  We represent multiple insurance companies some of which include:  Travelers, Safeco, Progressive, The Hartford, and many more.  Having more options usually brings better coverage at a better price.  If you are currently looking for home, auto, life, renters, health, or business insurance, contact one of our local agents.  Find one here.

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