Using the Customer Buying Cycle to Rope in Blog Traffic

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The customer buying cycle is an important part of business marketing. Understanding the cycle and tailoring your marketing efforts accordingly helps you bring in a wide range of clients. While it can be tempting to only target people in the final purchasing stage, a successful blog will also promote brand awareness and cater to those in the consideration phase as well. Use this guide to get some great blog ideas for each phase.

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Breaking Down the Buying Cycle

The buying cycle typically involves awareness, consideration, and purchase phases. These phases are divided up even further to show how people make decisions before making a purchase. Any of these phases can generate leads and promote sales.


The awareness phase is all about highlighting problems that your services can fix. It is an opportunity for you to introduce your solution while focusing on solving a problem. How to guides and news articles typically fall into this category, as they have little to do with the company or brand.

Here are a few good blog ideas to target people in the Awareness phase:

  • Why Homeowners Need to Have Insurance to Protect Them
  • How Insurance Can Help If There is an Accident
  • Do You Really Need Auto Insurance?


The consideration phase is focused on presenting various solutions to problems. You’ll explore problems in detail and start to show why your solution is the best around. Most blog posts tend to cater to this audience.

Here are a few examples of potential blog titles targeting people in the consideration phase:

  • How to Choose an Insurance Provider
  • 5 Things Our Insurance Coverage Can Do
  • The Latest Reviews for Our Insurance Company


The purchase phase is a little harder to target, as you want the primary focus to be on your business. The goal of these blog posts are to get people to buy or contact you immediately after reading. Topics are generally going to involve describing how to use your services. Customer retention efforts can also target people in this phase, helping to reassure them that they made the right decision.

Here are a few good blog post ideas that encourage purchases:

  • Tips for Maintaining adequate coverage that fits your budget
  • We Answer 5 Questions You Have About Insurance
  • What’s New at Our Company

Get More Great Blog Ideas

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