Using Social Media to Reach Out to Clients

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Start using social media platforms to get in contact with your clients, and in return, let your clients reach you through social media. You may think of your social media as a way to keep in contact with friends and family, sharing personal (sometimes too personal) details about your life. But, the lines between business and pleasure, clients and friends are becoming more and more blurred. And it’s nobody’s fault (it’s the Millennials fault) it’s just the direction we are heading. We are all connected. Embrace it, don’t fight it.

Get the inside scoop on your clients through social media

The more you can get to know your clients, the better you can serve them, especially in an industry as personal as the independent insurance industry. That relationship should be a two-way street. Clients don’t want to feel studied for advertising and marketing purposes; they want to be included, to feel like you have a partnership. When you reach out to clients using social media, it becomes a conversation between you and your client base. You are sharing information, but marketing your agency at the same time in a more subtle, personalized way.

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This person isn’t checking their spam folder for tips on getting the best insurance. They are checking their social media sites.

If this seems terribly informal and unprofessional to you, then it’s because it is, and that’s the whole point. The new generations of clients do not want to have meetings with suits, or get spammed with paper advertisements and cold calls.

Reach Millennials through social media platforms

We’re not saying there aren’t still people who respond to ads in the local paper. Of course, there are (Hi, Dad!) But if you’re trying to grab a piece of the Millennial customer pie then you need to reach them where they are, and they are on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc. If you are waiting for them to “call the phone number at the bottom of the screen”, you may as well be wearing a monocle and a top hat and saying things like “perchance I might interest you in some insurance for thyself and thy fair maiden?”

Millennials are the biggest untouched market for independent insurance agents to reach, but there’s stiff competition to reach the “Y generation”. Don’t make your job harder by selling yourself wrong. Millennials don’t want to submit customer forms and wait to get a response back from some anonymous person. They want to be able to send a quick message on Facebook, or Twitter. They want to use your first name like you were high school buddies. They may send it to your in a private message, or they may just throw it out there for everyone to see. Public or private, it’s all the same these days.

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Be “friends” with your clients on social media. They’ll “like” the personal touch.

Improve your customer service with social media

The open forum aspect of social media allows for more transparency. Something that is becoming more and more important to clients. Transparency and access. Social media will allow your clients to feel like they have a direct line to you at all times. Of course, this means that you will have to learn to handle the positive with the negative feedback. Everyone has a dissatisfied customer at some point, but if you handle it with grace, openly and honestly, then you will gain more respect and more trust from you existing client base. And, good news travels fast on the internet. It’s time you got on board.

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