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When you are working on your marketing and branding strategy, how you utilize social media platforms to reach your client is an invaluable tool of which all business owners should take advantage. Although increasing sales are the goal, the way to get there is sometimes to not try to sell your clients anything at all – at least, not at first. Inbound marketing is a way for you to get your message out, introduce yourself to the world, and slowly start to attract new clients.

Generating leads with inbound marketingh

Your inbound marketing strategy should focus on great content, letting clients get to know you and your brand, not about selling.

Generate new leads with inbound marketing

Investing part of your budget to generate great content for your business is a wise investment for agency and business owners. Anyone who is running a small business should invest in their content marketing. However, as tempted as you are to always sell, sell, sell, selling your product up front before your clients have a chance to get to know you will seem too pushy and needy. If you want to reach new clients and turn great content into solid leads, you need to woo your clients like you would if you were trying to date them. That means you can’t come on too strong, and you need to present the best of yourself to build trust before you ask them to commit.

Use inbound marketing to build trust

Your inbound marketing strategy should have an end goal of increasing your client base, but in the beginning, you just need to show your clients how awesome you are, that you can be trusted, and that you are there for them, not just for your bottom line. Creating great content should represent your product, build brand awareness, and be presented in the right tone to attract new clients. Of course, the information that you give should always be relevant and true.

Your initial investment in inbound marketing should be about giving to your clients without directly asking for anything in return. Let your clients get to know you, your brand, and your services through great content, whether it’s a blog, Twitter posts, case studies, Facebook updates, or a white paper.

Use all social media platforms

Inbound marketing strategy for entrepreneurs

Your content should always be in line with your brand message.

You may prefer reaching for your Twitter account whenever an idea or thought strikes, but you need to make yourself available on all platforms so that you don’t leave out any potential clients. If your content is good, you need to cast a wider net so that you will catch clients from every corner of the World Wide Web. If the content is solid, useful, and presented in a way that is approachable and user-friendly, then you are more likely to attract solid leads.

Make content user-friendly

Your content can be the greatest information and advice your clients could ever ask for, but if your content isn’t compatible with all platforms, users are going to turn to someone else that will present their content in a way that is easy to access, no matter where you are or how you are accessing the information. Before you start posting content, make sure it is compatible with the platform on which you are posting.

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