Turnkey Business Model for Independent Insurance Agents

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Why Independent Agents are Joining Affordable American Insurance

Starting a business is scary. At Affordable American Insurance, we want to make starting an independent agency a little easier, a little less scary, and a little less unpredictable. We provide our members with support, training, and a turnkey business model for new agents transitioning from a captive agent to an independent agent.

AAI makes the transition smooth and easy. We can help our agents increase carrier representation, build their client base, and continue to train our agents using the latest industry development and technology. For many agents in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, the choice to join AAI was easy. Take a listen and see why we are the fastest growing insurance broker, and why joining our team is the fastest way to succeed as an independent agent.

Fastest growing insurance broker in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah Providing Training and mentoring for independent agents

Why would you wait any longer to be a part of the fastest growing insurance broker in the Western Mountain Region? With AAI, you have access to training and business development seminars and courses, as well as a large network of independent agents who will help guide, support, and mentor you to success.

Being independent doesn’t mean you have to be alone.Affordable American Insurance can help Colorado entrepreneurs start a business and build a network.

For more information, go to affordableamericaninsurance.com.

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