Tricks to Building Trust and Getting Clients to Like You

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When you become an independent agency owner, you need to start from scratch and build a whole new client book. That means locating your target audience, reaching out to them, and then getting them to like and trust you enough to sell them insurance. We’ve talked a lot about how reaching clients takes place on social media, but you also can’t forget how to meet, speak, and connect to customers once you have them face to face.

Proven psychological tricks to making someone like you

It does happen that people put down their smartphones, iPhone, and tablets and look up to greet somebody in person. So, while your social media and content marketing team are busy reaching your clients online, you need to hit the streets and use good old fashion Jedi mind tricks to get people to like you.

Building a client book for your independent agency in Colorado

Building client relationships

If you want to get new clients you have to be in the places they like to frequent. That means both online, and in the real world. Finding office space in an area that attracts a lot of your demographic is the first step. Once you are set up, it’s time to go into the neighborhood and make your face known. Not run around shaking everybody’s hand and wishing them a good morning, good evening, and goodnight – it’s not the Truman Show. But, a recent article in Business Insider breaks down scientific research that proves that a few psychological tricks can help you gain trust and seem more likable. Spending more time with the people you are trying to reach, whether you have direct contact or not, is one of those tricks. Just hanging around will have an impact on how trustworthy or likeable they perceive you to be. But, there is more.

Mirroring and spontaneous trait transference

If you do find yourself getting a face to face meeting with a potential client, try using a simple tactic called “mirroring.” A subtle mimicking of their body language, gestures, or facial expressions is all it takes. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. People will recognize themselves in you, giving them a natural reason to like you. You are like me; I like me. Therefore, I like you. Simple!

Becoming an independent business owner in Colorado

Frequent local businesses where you may meet potential clients. Let yourself be seen. People are more likely to like a person they recognize.

The final trick is to throw in compliments about other people during the conversation. Being complimentary when describing another person may achieve something called “spontaneous trait transference,” where the person you are talking to will associate the flattering words you use with your personality. But, be careful. If you’re always throwing compliments around, people will smell a rat and the trust is lost forever. For as long as it takes to build a great client relationship, it can all be ruined faster than you can say “disingenuous.”

It takes some time to build a great, lasting client relationships, but now that you are aware of these tricks, maybe you can help speed up the process a little bit.

Starting an independent insurance agency in Colorado

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