Transforming Your Online Reputation

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Becoming an independent insurance agent can be very exciting. For many people, becoming an agent means being more involved in the community, networking, and cultivating positive business relationships that last a lifetime. Before you start your agency and marketing your new business online, you need to create the professional image everyone wants to see. Learn how to transform your digital presence from casual to professional with this handy guide.

Using Facebook to reach your core audience

Create Separate Business and Personal Accounts

Before you dive into the world of social media marketing, you need to create business-only accounts. This doesn’t just mean creating a Facebook business page. You’ll be surprised how many business contacts you meet that want to send you a personal friend request.

Clean Up Your History

The Internet never forgets, which is why people need to be mindful of what they say and how they act. As a business owner, you need to understand what people can find out about you online. If there is anything you don’t want people to associate you with, such as an old dating profile or angry social media post, try to delete it. Deleting these can help keep the focus on business development.

Maintain a Business-Friendly Persona

Not everything online can be erased, which is why it is essential to be cautious of everything you do online. Consider your words carefully before posting anything. Be engaging, but keep a very polite tone. This can help reinforce the idea that you are always friendly and professional. Remember, positivity and professionalism can bury past mistakes.

Get Involved with the Community

Becoming more involved on and offline can help your name show up more in search results. Not only does community involvement show you care about those around you, but it also helps to reinforce a new professional reputation.

Learn Great Social Media Marketing Techniques

Social media is a huge part of business development. At Affordable American Insurance, we want you to stand out positively online. Contact us to learn more great digital marketing tips for new independent insurance agents.

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