Top 15 Auto Insurance Discounts That Save You Money

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  1. Marriage- Statistically, people that are married drive safer than people that are singe.
  2. Multi-Car- Multi-Car discount is available for those who have 2 or more cars under the same insurance company.
  3. Multi-Line- A Multi-Line discount is available to those who have their house and car under the same insurance company.
  4. Safe Driver- Keep your driving record clean. Tickets can increase your insurance premiums.
  5. Low Mileage- Keep your annual vehicle mileage to a minimum.
  6. Claim Free- Keep your claims record clean (both small and large claims can increase your rates).
  7. Alarm system- Purchase an alarm for your vehicle.
  8. Daytime Running Lights- Drivers are more likely to see your vehicle.
  9. Airbags- Having airbags in your vehicle often unlocks another discount on your auto insurance.
  10. Good Credit- Is an indicator that you may not file a claim.
  11. Retired- Being retired probably means you are going to drive less.
  12. Mature Driver- When you turn 55 you will probably be eligible for another discount
  13. Good Student Discount- Is available for those students who get good grades (usually a “B” average).
  14. Drivers Education-Drivers education can unlock a big discount for teen drivers.
  15. 25 or older- Statistically drivers over the age of 25 get into less accidents and file fewer claims.

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If you think you might not be getting all the auto insurance discounts call your local Colorado Affordable American Insurance agent and they can run an auto insurance quote for you.

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