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Blog your way into your customers hearts

To become successful, especially as an independent insurance agent, you need to find your niche and find a way to become an expert within that niche. You want to be the go-to voice of reason for anyone who has questions or needs advice. Starting a blog is a great way to stake your claim as an industry leader, and the best way for you to get your message out to your clients and peers.

Tips to reaching your target customer as an entrepreneur or independent agent

Let your personality shine through in your blog.

Trust and accountability are two key aspects that weigh heavy when a customer chooses a particular brand or service or product. Writing a blog is the fastest way for you to reach out to your customers in your voice and to give them insight into the type of person you are and the type of company you run. The opinions you share on your blog will help bond you with like-minded customers. It is also a way for you to say “hey, let me share this piece of insight or advice, free of charge”. Treating your blog as a free exchange of ideas and information will make any potential customer feel like you are not trying to push a product, but that you are looking out for the best interest of your client. If they then choose to buy your product, it is their choice, they weren’t bullied into it by aggressive marketing schemes.

Be authentic

But, in order for your customers to feel like your blog isn’t just a sales pitch, you have to be authentic. When you write, make sure that you are expressing your honest opinions and not trying to be smarter or better than you are. You want to present yourself as a thought leader and an expert in your field, but you never want to talk down to you customers. The reason we reach out to the internet before asking a live person is because it allows us the chance to ask questions without fear of ridicule.  Asking Google is much safer than asking someone in person. Be that safe place where people can get useful information in a personable, honest and authentic way.

Tips for entrepreneurs and independent insurance agents in Colorado

Authenticity will help your clients and customers trust you and your business.

If you understand your customers and your industry, then you should be able to anticipate questions before they are asked. These are the blogs that you should write.

Write in your natural voice with your natural rhythm. You want your personality to shine through your blog. If your customers like you, they are more likely to pay for your service and to trust your opinion.

Reach out to peers

You can also gear your blog towards other entrepreneurs in your field and make it an industry blog. Your customers will still want to be a part of the conversation because they feel like they are being let into a secret industry meeting, and they are getting inside information. Idea sharing and dialoguing in an open forum with other professionals will also help increase your transparency rating with your customers.

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There are many ways to succeed in business. But the most surefire way to build a loyal customer base is to present yourself honestly to the world. If you are passionate about your industry, sharing that passion in a blog, giving advice, voicing your opinion and to helping to shape the future of your industry should be no trouble at all.

Making yourself available to your customers through your blog is a great way to market yourself and your company. A blog can reach millions at once, instead of having to reach out to each customer individually. Hopefully, soon you’ll be increasing your client base as well as gaining the respect of your industry. Both are invaluable to an independent agent or entrepreneur.

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