Tips for Winter Driving

 In Colorado Car Safety

As the roads become icy and filled with snow, it’s important you know how to navigate through the dangerous winter weather while you drive. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for staying safe while you’re on the road.

Accelerating and Decelerating

When you’re driving in the snow, everything will take longer than it usually does. For example, you will need to take more time slowing down for stop lights in order to avoid skids and collisions. In addition you will need to slowly apply the gas in order to regain traction when you’re accelerating. Give yourself more time than usual to get anywhere.

Things to Avoid

When the weather is nice, there are some luxuries that driving has to offer. However, once the weather changes, those luxuries disappear. No more can you leave your gas tank more than half empty until the last minute. Due to gas line freezes in the winter, you should always keep it more than half full.

Parking breaks are also less effective in cold and wet weather, so you should avoid parking in locations that  require one, such as on a hill. Lastly, if you’re driving on a slippery surface like snow or ice do not be tempted to use the cruise control as you will not have full control over the car in an emergency situation.

Stay Safe

Protect yourself with the proper insurance coverage today to ensure that you and your car will be able to safely make it through the winter and drive through many more.

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