Tips for Separating Your Personal and Professional Life

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When you own your own business, it is easy to make work your life. Many independent insurance agents love what they do and want to work hard to make their agency successful. While putting in extra hours is great, it doesn’t always guarantee success.

Why Do People Need Time Off?

People need time to rest and unwind. Even highly-motivated insurance agents need to take time away from the office. It’s well-documented that a little rest can boost productivity, help you focus, and provide you with a more balanced life. While you might not be able to go on a vacation every week, separating your work from your home life can bring you some of the same benefits. You’ll be able to take a break every night once you find the right balance, allowing you to maximize your productivity each day.

Insurance Industry Insights

Connecting to people after hours is great, but make sure you are taking time to relax.

Separate Social Media Accounts

While you should have a separate social media account to keep everything professional, multiple accounts can also help you avoid working after hours. All you need to do is avoid logging on to your agency’s accounts when you are supposed to be relaxing. It’s that easy.

Create a Stricter Schedule

As an independent insurance agent, you might not be able to work a traditional 9 to 5. Many agents go to networking events, get involved with their community or schedule after hours meetings. All of these activities are fine, just make sure to plan some rest and relaxation too.

Don’t Take Too Much Work Home

It can be tempting to bring home that mountain of paperwork. If the work doesn’t have a strict deadline, avoid bringing it all home. Instead, break it up into chunks and do a little throughout your workday. If you choose to bring your work home, try to keep the amount of work at a minimum. The goal of separation is to maximize both your productivity and your relaxation time.

Independent Insurance Agents Have Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of becoming an Affordable American Insurance agent is the flexibility. Take advantage of it to ensure that you are living a productive, yet fulfilling life as an agent. To learn more about the importance of balancing work and recreation, contact us today.

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