Tips for Preventing Car Theft

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Crime may be in a general decline now, but that does not mean that car burglary is not still too common for comfort. You may not think that your car is worth the trouble for a burglar, but that is exactly what the burglar wants you to think. Here are a few simple things that those affected by car burglary tend to forget.

Home Sweet Home

Your car is always susceptible to burglary, even while you are at home. It happens when you least expect it and when your guard is down. Learn from past mistakes by always locking your car doors, taking the keys out of the ignition, and rolling up all windows.

Hide the Goods

If a child sees a candy bar they want at the grocery store they will be tempted to take it. The same works for the temptation that comes when strangers happen to see your unwatched purse or iPod that you leave in your car. They probably will not risk stealing your car for it, but some will not hesitate to smash in some windows.

Watch Where You Walk

Use your common sense and take the proper precautions when you are in an unfriendly part of town. Keep your car doors locked at all times and do not park anywhere without lighting or near entrances or exits of parking lots. When given the option, pay the few extra dollars to park in the monitored parking lot.

With these tips, you can feel more secure about leaving your car unattended. To further protect your vehicle, check out our auto insurance.


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